Monday, November 13, 2017

Who Attends B2B Events?

According to American Express' 2018 Global Meetings & Events Forecast, five kinds of folks show up at B2B events.

Knowledge Seekers. These attendees want to improve themselves. Content and speakers drive their decision to show up. To woo them:
  • Target your content to them
  • Invest in a high-profile speaker
  • Offer lots of choices
  • Provide for note-taking and session-materials archiving in your app
  • Offer creative meeting-space set-ups
  • Include sessions that feature attendee-speaker interaction
  • Provide great post-event information
Tech-Savvy Networkers. These attendees value relationships. The volume of opportunities to connect drives their decision to show up. To woo them:
  • Include features in your app that ease connection
  • Gamify your event
  • Provide tons of networking sessions
  • Offer speed networking sessions
  • Supply the attendee roster before the event
  • Keep conversations going post-event
Inspiration Seekers. These attendees crave purpose. The volume of experiences drives their decision to show up. To woo them:
  • Include motivational speakers and self-help and coaching sessions
  • Offer brainstorming and co-creation sessions
  • Offer chances to become immersed in the destination
  • Use alternate venues that remove them from the traditional one
  • Offer community outreach or CSR experiences
Social Butterflies. These attendees love meeting new people—and sharing the experience. The volume of meet-ups drives their decision to show up. To woo them, you should:
  • Offer tons of opportunities for interaction in breakout sessions
  • Offer informal meal settings, to encourage socializing
  • Pack your event with entertainment and leisure activities
  • Ask Social Butterflies to be your advisors
  • Give them opportunities to be influencers through your app
Reluctant Attendees. These attendees are introverts. Professional obligations—and nothing more—drive their decision to come. To woo them:
  • Make the professional benefits of attending clear in promotions
  • Offer ice-breakers early during the event
  • Include lots of breakout sessions
  • Point out content that is forward-thinking or research-based
  • Include ample free- or down-time
  • Include a recommendation engine in your app
  • Provide a virtual version of your event
Brand Fanatics. These attendees are devoted followers. Opportunities to get the "inside scoop" drive their decision to attend. To woo them:
  • Include plenty of gadgets
  • Provide access to key brand representatives
  • Offer chances to win exclusive merchandise and experiences
  • Provide product demonstrations and early access to new products
  • Hold focus groups to allow them to share their insights and ideas
  • Showcase the brand end to end
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