Tuesday, October 24, 2017


And now a word from Captain Obvious: women will no longer suffer harassment from the Weinsteins, O'Reillys and Trumps of the world when more of them preside in C-suites. 

I know. From experience.

For the first half of the '80s, I worked for a Fortune 500 company, managing an in-house agency staffed largely by women.

One day, the company announced its appointment of a new CMO, a man who'd been a behind-the-scenes operative in Republican presidential politics for two decades.

It wasn't long before a few of them came to me, independently of one another, and told me of his many unwelcome advances. I asked the other women who reported to me whether the CMO had hit on them, as well. He had. 

I didn't hesitate to report my conversations to my boss, who went immediately to HR.

The CMO was fired, unceremoniously, the same week.

I failed to mention: women filled many of the senior executive positions in the company at the time.

In themselves, firings, lawsuits, board resolutions, and employee training won't put an end to harassment, or to organizations' file cabinet compliance with civil rights laws.

Those will end when more women lead.
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