Monday, May 29, 2017

We Didn't Start the Fire

Since Friday can't be a national holiday, let's at least make it a one-day cease-fire. 

No Boomer-bashing on June 2, the 50th anniversary of the release of Sgt, Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Boomers have been taking a lot of heat recently.

"Boomers weren’t genetically predestined to be dysfunctional; they were conditioned to be," says venture capitalist Bruce Cannon Gibney, author of A Generation of Sociopaths: How the Baby Boomers Betrayed America

"They were the first generation to be raised permissively, the first reared on television and subject to its developmental harms, and the only living group raised in an era of seemingly effortless prosperity," Gibney says. 

"Can too much license, TV, and unearned wealth distort personalities? May I suggest looking south toward 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?"

While you're stagnating in a barista's job or your parents' basement, think about this, Ms. Millennial: Boomers didn't save the world; but they also didn't make it.

The album's cover proves that.

If you want to blame society's present ills on anyone, blame them any of the 66 people depicted, from Karl Marx to Carl Jung, Albert Einstein to Aldous Huxley, T.E. Lawrence to Stan Laurel, Mae West to Marlon Brando.

Give us a break.

We didn't start the fire.

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