Wednesday, May 3, 2017

It's Offical: I am Not a Schmuck

The ever-vigilant voice inside my head has been silenced.


It turns out, I'm not a schmuck.

I'm a micro-influencer.

And I'm hot.

CMOs want me.

A "micro-influencer," according to word-of-mouth marketing agency Mavrck, is an everyday Joe who engages 500 to 5,000 followers around a topic.

CMOs want to curry favor with me, so I'll "co-develop" social media posts that steer conversations toward their products.

And in terms of ROI, micro-influencers like me are mightier than he-man size influencers. 

"Micro-influencers generally have the smallest reach, but also have the highest engaged reach," according to Mavrck. "More importantly, they’re generating authentic conversions among like-minded consumers, individuals with shared connections to the micro-influencer that are far more powerful than the superficial engagements and conversions you may get from a paid advertisement, blog or impersonal public endorsement."

Take that, Kanye West!

A CMO can incent me to co-develop posts by giving me the VIP treatment, showering me with gifts, discount coupons, or exclusive offers.

Every time I'm incented to act, on average, three of my followers become the CMO's customers, the company says.

"Micro-influencers are your best brand asset you didn’t even know about," Mavrck advises.

How about you?

Are you a micro-influencer?
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