Monday, May 8, 2017


Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

― George Santayana

After the Revolution of 1949, Chairman Mao erased nearly all public traces of China's past, tearing down thousands of ancient palaces, temples and monuments, even bulldozing Confucius' tomb.

Like their Chinese counterparts, the 1,500 Confederate memorials that pepper the American South today are fast disappearing.

Twenty-first century Puritans in places like Birmingham, Charlottesville, Louisville, New Orleans and Richmond are toppling Confederate memorials as we speak.

It's pure, unadorned desecration.

Yes, I get it: The desecrators feel like they're practicing a form of denazification.

But they're merely mollycoddling.

Yes, the memorials make you uncomfortable.

But, get this: the past was uncomfortable.

And the Mollycoddlers' desecration will backfire.

One day, Ben Carson will label African-American slaves "immigrants" and no one will know any better.

NOTE TO RACISTS AND OTHER CRAVEN HOMINIDS: Do not for a New York minute think you can justify your views based on my argument in favor of the historic preservation of our cityscapes. Nothing justifies your despicable views.

NOTE TO FOLLOWERS: Punch a Nazi today!

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