Thursday, April 13, 2017

Spam. A Lot.

Wasting the time of the audience is damaging the medium itself.
― Derek Harding

Email marketers, take comfort: 7 in 10 customers prefer to receive your content by email, rather than through social media channels, according to EveryCloud.

But that doesn't mean customers won't report you as a spammer.

Nearly half of all emails are spam, EveryCloud says; and because they are, your customers are steeled for a fight.

On any given day, 45% might report your email as spam, because they think you send too often; 36%, because they don't remember subscribing; and 31%, because your content seems irrelevant.

Spam isn't customers' only source of frustration, says EveryCloud.

Customers in general think marketers put them on too many lists, and have no patience for their fine-print advisories about name-use.
What can you do to avoid annoying customers? The answers are self-evident:
  • Send great content
  • Send it infrequently
  • Be clear about your name-use
For more good stuff about email marketing, check out EveryCloud's new Statistics Guide (a humongous infographic). 

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