Friday, March 10, 2017

Lord, Thank You for Donald Trump

Lord, nobody knows better'n you, I ain't a prayin' man. 

But I thank you every mornin', noon and night for my 45th president.

Call me un-citified, but I once thought all them so-called "marginalized" folks (you know, African Americans, gays, Muslims, Jews, women and all) was a little bit thin-skinned, complaining like they do day in and out about prejudice.

I thought they was imaginin' the glass half empty. Don't they know America's a great country?

But you brung me my 45th president, Lord, to pick up the rock that's America and show me all the insect-life teemin' beneath. 

All them vile creatures thinking ugly thoughts, dreaming ugly dreams, harboring ugly desires... you know, all them racists and sexists and bigots living' below ground.

I no longer think about all those marginalized folks the same way, Lord, and I thank you for that. They ain't imaginin' things after all.

Now I ask you, Lord, please put the rock back, before more of them creatures get loose.

And, if you can't, please find me a nice apartment in Toronto.

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