Wednesday, March 1, 2017

La La Land

PricewaterhouseCoopers has owned up to this week's flub at the Oscars, "one of the most infamous gaffes in the show's history."

Call it my confirmation bias, but I take it as proof we live in the post-competence era.

Americans are living in the disengaged state of La La Land.

That low-low bar spells opportunity for entrepreneurs.

In the post-competence era, customers can buy services with impunity from overseas providers. From graphic designers in Poland, copywriters in Thailand, telemarketers in Ireland, web developers in Swaziland.

Their work isn't great, but it works: more than you can say about the work of providers in La La Land.

"There’s an abundance of things to buy and people to hire," says Seth Godin in The Icarus Deception. "What’s scarce is trust, connection, and surprise."

If you deliver those three things—trust, connection, and surprise—customers will flock to you, stick with you, and pay a premium.

Because they're underwhelmed by providers in faraway lands, and sick of the ones in La La Land.

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