Saturday, February 25, 2017

Website Bogged Down?

In the past 150 years, peat farmers in northern Europe have found about 1,000 so-called bog men, those accidentally mummified curiosities now thought to have been failed kings.

Your customers have a better chance of finding a bog man than they do your website, if your site's outdated.

That's because Google feeds on freshness, says Michael Brenner, CEO of Marketing Insider Group.

And because freshness equals relevance to Google, you have to keep your site fresh. You need to:

  • Attract new backlinks from other (authoritative) sites.
  • Add new pages to your site (20-30% more each year).
  • Publish new content consistently.
  • Freshen up your old content regularly, revising outdated statements, fixing broken links, adding new visuals, etc.
  • Encourage and respond to comments.
When ranking your site, Google loves to see steady increases in click-throughs and dwell-time. You won't earn those, unless you keep your website fresh.

Your old content may once have been king. Today it's just a curiosity
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