Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Check Your Sources

Bubbie: The National Institutes of Health has never studied the attention spans of goldfish.

This is one of those "alternative facts" cited almost hourly by lazy writers.

Take your pick: You can blame perpetuation of the factoid on the marketer who fabricated the statement; or on Microsoft, which once cited it in an e-book; or on all the thousands of writers who have since recirculated it.

Enough with the attention-starved goldfish, already.

"Strong research is the backbone of strong copy," says copywriter Tom Wall. Strong copy requires writers to stop sourcing:
  • Personal blogs and Tweets (particularly the president's)
  • Unregulated contributor websites
  • Wikipedia
  • Unauthorized biographies
Without strong research, Wall says, "there is nothing anchoring your words to the truth."

NOTE: While truth isn't, opinions are my own.
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