Saturday, December 17, 2016


Does your meeting need a chief experience officer?

Samantha Whitehorne answers yes in Associations Now, and identifies three roles for the CXO:
  • Attendee advocate. The exec who spots and fixes "small mistakes that could frustrate attendees."

  • Listener-in-chief. The exec who studies live audience feedback and recommends adjustments in real time.

  • Brand guru. The exec who polices branding before, during and after the event.
To Whitehorne's list of duties, I'd add:
  • Guardian of truth. The exec who goads planners to up their game.
Want the truth? Attendees have zero tolerance for mediocrity. proves that fact in its new study, State of the Connected Customer:
  • 80% of B2B customers say they expect real-time response
  • 75% say they expect providers to anticipate their wants
  • 70% say technology makes it easy to take their business elsewhere
  • 66% say they'll abandon you if treated like a number
It's easy for planners to pine for yesterday, when the audiences were pliant; the competitors, pipsqueaks; the margins, porcine. But today's audiences want more.

"Excellence, quality and good should be earned words, attributed by others to us, not proclaimed by us about ourselves," Disney animator Ed Catmull says in Creativity, Inc.

The time is now to appoint a CXO for your event.

Indeed, it was yesterday.

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