Friday, December 9, 2016

Breakout Time

Marketers are highly susceptible to bias. Some forms—racial bias, for example—are easy to detect in their work (just watch the holiday spot from Securus); some forms are less so.

Generational bias is one of the latter—and a "silent killer" of customer conversion.

Pop theorists are the guilty party. While they underscore generational differences, scientists do not. Pop theorists would have you believe:
  • All Traditionalists are patriots who value only self-sacrifice.
  • All Boomers are optimists who value only wealth.
  • All GenXers are pessimists who value only ecotourism.
  • All Millennials are narcissists who value only praise.
  • All GenZers are entrepreneurs who value only... well, who knows?
But if you believe the scientists:
  • Claims of generational differences are based on faulty studies—always.
  • There are no practical generational differences.
Does pop theory imprison your thinking?

It's breakout time.

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