Thursday, December 8, 2016

B2B Buyers Rational? It Ain't Necessarily So.

The B2B Kool-Aid claims buyers don't behave like consumers.

But two new studies show it ain't necessarily so.

State of the Connected Customer, from, reveals how consumer-like many B2B buyers have become:

  • 83% say technology informs them about product choices
  • 80% say they expect companies to respond to them in real time
  • 79% say it's vital to have a sales rep who's a trusted advisor
  • 75% say they expect companies to anticipate their needs
  • 70% say technology makes it easy to take their business elsewhere
  • 66% say they'll switch brands if they're treated like a number
  • 65% say they'll switch brands if a company's communications aren't personalized
Turned Off, from Sprout Social, reveals why buyers "unfollow" companies on social media:
  • 46% say the companies annoy them by over-posting self-promotions
  • 42% say the companies post irrelevant content
  • 35% say the companies use too much jargon
  • 18% say the companies are don't post frequently enough
  • 15% say the companies fail to respond to comments
You say, so what, who cares?

Well, Turned Off also reveals 75% of buyers have purchased a product after seeing it on social media.

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