Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Out of His Skull

It’s not so easy writing about nothing.
                                                                         — Patti Smith

Last month, I met
Noah Scalin, who launched his career as a fine artist by creating a skull every day for a year.

"Creativity is a practice," Scalin said. His advice:

Pick something—anything—and make one every day for a year.

Scanlin's is the best advice on creativity I've heard.

Authors—bloggers, marketers and thought leaders—fret constantly over "finding their voice," "discovering their brand essence," and "achieving authority."

None recognizes "author" and "authority" share the same Latin root, auctor.

In Ancient Rome, an auctor originated. (In contrast, an artifex (artisan) labored to realize the vision of an auctor;
he had less clout as a consequence.)

Want to find your voice? Discover your brand essence? Be an authority?

Originate. Something. Every. Day.
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