Wednesday, September 21, 2016

What's Driving the Growth of B2B Events?

What's driving the growth of so many B2B events?

NYU economist
Dan Altman told event producers convened at last week's CEIR Predict he pins the growth to three factors:
  • Governments keep spending more on healthcare
  • Adults are going back to school to study
  • New households are forming nationwide
Those economic engines are stoking five particular sectors of shows—the five most robust of the 14 sectors tracked by the CEIR Index:
  • Medical and healthcare;
  • Communications and IT;
  • Education; 
  • Raw materials and science; and
  • Business services
Do immanent threats jeopardize the continued growth of these sectors?

Altman thinks so. He named 10 sources of worry:
  • Economic stagnation in Spain and Italy
  • Economic uncertainty in Germany
  • Terrorism in France
  • Brexit
  • Economic stagnation in Japan
  • Economic uncertainty in China
  • Economic uncertainty in Brazil, Russia and India
  • Uncertainty in US capital markets
  • Uncertainty in US politics
  • Ineffective Fed policy
Anybody have any aspirin?
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