Sunday, September 25, 2016

And Now for a Word from Our Sponsor. Us.

"We are quickly moving to a point where brands should now be media first, and producers of products and services second," says Nicholas Korn on RSW/US's blog.

Take, for example.

The company now develops and delivers content in three buckets: How (education), Now (news) and Wow (entertainment).

In only a year, Monster's content strategy drove yearly page views up 64%, from 27.5 million to 45.3 million.

"Every brand—whether it be small and personal or massive and corporate—now has the opportunity (or even mandate) to be their own media channel or studio," Korn says.

"As pre-digital media continues to become less effective, new technologies and platforms are allowing everyone to craft their own content and distribute it. And a growing number of brands are beginning to embrace this model—and these are the ones that are going to win."

But pre-digital media are far from dead.

Skift reports Carnival has produced 80 episodes of three original TV shows, which will air Saturday mornings on ABC, NBC and The CW, beginning October 1.

“Many of us have fond memories of the Saturday morning TV programming that we enjoyed as kids,” Carnival's CEO told employees in an email. “This fall, Saturday morning TV will take on an even more special meaning for Carnival Corporation.”

"While not paid programming, the shows will have an unabashedly pro-cruise point of view,"
Skift says.
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