Monday, August 1, 2016

Cleaning the Refrigerator

"Busy does not equal important," Seth Godin says, "Measured doesn't mean mattered."

How much time did you spend today on anything of importance?

The challenge lies in the fact that busyness camouflages procrastination.

Fight back! Here are my 10 tips:
  1. Pick at least one important item for completion every day
  2. Favor the 20% of items that produce 80% of the results
  3. Suppress the "urgent"
  4. Start before you feel ready
  5. Treat your employer's or client's business as your own
  6. Take good notes on paper during meetings
  7. Don't answer poorly written emails
  8. Wear the same outfit every day
  9. Tune out the news
  10. Complete a simple task first—and take comfort in the fact that even pros procrastinate
A reporter once asked Ernest Hemingway how he faced the blank sheet every day.

Hemingway said, “First, I clean the refrigerator.”
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