Thursday, August 4, 2016

15 Ways to Write Headlines When You Can't Write to Save Your Life

If the headline doesn’t stop people, the copy might as well be written in Greek.
—John Caples

Q. Where, besides the copywriter's over-caffeinated brain, do eye-stopping headlines come from?

A. The copywriter's under-rated bag of tricks. 

In Content Marketer, copywriter Josue Valles opens his bag of tricks—15 in all—for inspection. Here they are:
  1. Steal ideas from clickbait sites like BuzzFeed
  2. Lean on "psychological triggers"—specific numbers or razor-sharp benefits ("Reduce payroll 23% by automating absence management")
  3. Promise super-fast results
  4. Enter keywords into Google and steal ideas from the organic search results 
  5. Use proven words (here's a list)
  6. Use Portent’s Content Idea Generator
  7. Steal words and phrases people frequently use to ask questions on Quora
  8. Enter keywords into BuzzSumo and steal ideas from the search results
  9. Include the name of a big brand in your headline ("Richard Branson's 15 Hacks for Punctuality")
  10. Test the emotive power of your headline with Advanced Marketing Institute's EMVHA
  11. Test the responsiveness of your headline with Twitter and Facebook (use an A/B test)
  12. Leverage the power of an image
  13. Steal ideas from newsletters 
  14. Evoke curiosity (hint: use Linkbait Generator)
  15. Steal ideas from HARO searches
Bob James' Bonus Hack: Steal this book.
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