Wednesday, July 20, 2016

How to Win Friends and Influence Prospects

"Attention is something that can't be refunded or recalled," 
Seth Godin says. "Once it's gone, it's gone."

Most salespeople fail to realize how fleeting and fragile attention is.

If a prospect won't reply to emails, return calls, accept appointments or keep them, it means you haven't created enough interest to earn her attention.

Here are five sure-fire ways to correct that:
  • Get referred. Leverage your network. Ask an influencer to smooth your way.
  • Call early. Cold call before the morning madness starts (or late in the evening, when it's past). Be ready to stimulate thoughts. 
  • Send a letter. Provoke thoughts the old-fashioned way. Close by asking for an appointment.
  • Send a gift.The right one will earn more attention than it deserves. Try a new dollar bill.
  • Go where the prospect goes. Use common sense and a little detective work to learn which events the prospect attends. Button-hole her there. Again, be ready to provoke thoughts.
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