Friday, May 6, 2016

Bad-fit Buyers

Caveat venditor: Bad-fit buyers are everywhere.

"Every new customer you bring on who isn’t the right fit presents a churn risk," says Dan Tyre on Hubspot.

Churn is a risk, because it opens new doors to bad reviews.

What are the signs to watch for? The bad-fit buyer:
  • Is considerably larger or smaller than your typical customer
  • Operates in an industry outside your target market or time zone
  • Is discourteous and responds to questions with emotions, rather than facts
  • Doesn’t want to answer questions or makes contradictory statements
  • Is unwilling to take direction and seems competitive
  • Doesn’t have resources (money, time, staff)
  • Seeks a "silver bullet"
  • Goes from excited to apathetic and back again
  • Is disorganized and can’t spend time with you
  • Cancels meetings with short or no notice
  • Doesn’t follow simple directions (like please read the one-page outline)
  • Seems to be going through the motions
  • Has to hear you say the same thing at least four times before he gets it
"Almost all prospects will show some of these indicators," Tyre says. "The key is to be 100% transparent, have open conversations with your prospects, and set expectations at every step of the process."
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