Sunday, April 10, 2016

Hack vs. Hacker

Never mistake a hack for a hacker.

Unless she's evil, a hacker creates code.

A hack creates crap.

In general, a hack's a writer who produces undistinguished prose. (The opprobious name derives from hackney, a horse for hire.)

In marketing, a hack's a writer who's:
  • Passionate about content; immune to ideas.
  • Happy to plagiarize; put off by research.
  • Enamored of opinions; averse to facts.
  • Obsessed with quantity; indifferent to quality.
Foremost, a hack's a writer who chases eyeballs.

Speaking of quantity, Express Writers offers a useful hack: publish content of "ideal length."

I'll hack the info graphic. Here's the bottom line:
  • Write blog posts 2,000 words long; 
  • Write Facebook posts 40 characters long; 
  • Write Tweets 11 characters long; and 
  • Write Pinterest captions 200 characters long.

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