Friday, March 11, 2016

Love Story

I remember little of my first formal date, except that I took the girl to see the schmaltzy blockbuster, Love Story.

The film's tagline perfectly states what every B2B marketer wants skeptical buyers to believe.

Love means never having to say you're sorry… you bought from us.

That's why B2B marketers adore case studies.

They're the ideal way to spread customers' love.

You're nuts if you're not dishing them out repeatedly.

Case studies are like movie reviews, except your customers are the stars and every movie's a love story.

And buyers can't get enough of them, because people love to compare themselves to others.

Here are seven case-study do's and don'ts. Keep them near and dear:
  • Case studies adhere to a classic construct—a three-point story arc: problem, solution, results. Don't stray from that. 
  • Make your customer the headliner. Keep you company off the marquee.
  • Interview your customer in a knowledgable, but laid-back manner. Don't put her on edge with tough questions, or prompt her to say things she wouldn't say naturally.
  • Use a lot of customer quotes for color and credibility.
  • Illustrate your case studies with photographs and charts.
  • Ask your customer to sign a release.
  • Besides publishing the case study on your website, create a PDF version customers (and your salespeople) can download and share.
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