Sunday, February 7, 2016

Conference Producers: Have Faith in Fun

No friends to controversy, conference producers like safe.

Safe speakers. Safe subjects. Safe surroundings.

But safe's also stodgy.

Safe doesn't leave room for fun.

Education researcher Dorothy Lucardie interviewed 50 adult students and teachers and discovered fun boosts leaners' motivation, concentration and engagement.

By injecting fun into classrooms, "more adults are encouraged and motivated to participate in learning with enthusiasm for the journey and optimism for the outcomes," Lucardie says.

If your only goals as a conference producer are to herd attendees between sessions and ensure the pastries are peanut free, your goals are obsolete.

As app designers know, fun is the new professional. Just as the lines between "business" and "casual" have blurred, so have those between "serious" and "fun."

Updating the way you design conferences may send chills up your spine.

But, as fun theorist
Bernie DeKoven says, "Have faith in fun."

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