Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Think Evergreen

Pity the poor cereus, which blooms but a day.

Marketing content's a lot like that.

When measured by clicks, most content flowers but a day or two.

And deservedly so, when marketers are conditioned to think news.

But after all the work of content creation, you'd hope your effort enjoys more than a moment in the sun.

That's why I like evergreen content.

"Evergreen content answers your customers' most common questions, and rarely goes out of date," Mark Schaefer writes in The Content Code.

You can, for example, Tweet once every month about an old evergreen blog post, and receive new rounds of likes, comments and shares from people who missed it, Schaefer says.

You need to stop worrying the content is old and "view evergreen content is an investment in an asset for your business," Schaefer writes.

"If you bought a new tractor for your farm or a new truck for your plumb business, you wouldn't let it just sit around not being used. An investment in content is no different."  

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