Thursday, December 24, 2015

Content is Kaput

Many content-crazy marketers have lost their zeal, according to the Content Marketing Institute's 2016 Content Marketing Budgets and Trends.

Institute founder Joe Pulizzi predicts, "Now is when we will witness the greatest content marketing failures of all time."

Their disaffection was predictable.

"Lots of companies bought into the hype and started what they thought was content marketing," Pulizzi says. 

But these companies "either didn't have a strategy or didn't execute it well… or both," and have already moved on, in search of another magic bullet.

Will they ever learn the difference between idea and execution?

In my brief time, I've been told in no uncertain terms that advertising was dead, direct marketing was dead, email marketing was dead, PR was dead, telemarketing was dead, and trade-show marketing was dead.

Now content marketing has joined the angels.

Rest in peace.
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