Wednesday, December 9, 2015

A Nation of Quitters

Where have you gone, Evelyn Wood?

We need you.

Steve Peck, writing for Heinz Marketing, reports the average reader devotes no more than two minutes to branded long-form content.

No matter the content's quality, after two minutes, the average reader quits.

Peck reaches this conclusion after a study of 180,000 readers and 1,700 white papers, e-books, reports and guides.

Because Americans' average skim-reading speed runs from 400 to 700 words per minute, most content exceeding 1,400 words is wasted.

"Blink and you’ve lost them," Peck says.

While in the White House, self-taught speed-reader John F. Kennedy sent a dozen members of his the staff to the Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics Institute, so they could keep pace with the cerebral president.

Mrs. Wood promised students she could teach them to read at the rate of 1,500 words per minute, and produced some who could read four times that many.
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