Thursday, December 10, 2015

10 Compelling Reasons to Blog

Why blog, when you could chat with a customer, scroll through Facebook, dust the blinds or straighten your desk?

Blogger Helen Nesterenko has combed eight credible websites for statistics that add up to "58 Unbeatable Reasons to Run a Blog for Business."

Here are her 10 most compelling:
  • 46% of web users read more than one blog a day
  • 81% trust information from blogs
  • 13% have been inspired by blogs to make a purchase
  • 61% have made a purchase based on a recommendation from a blog
  • Companies that blog have 55% more website visitors
  • Companies that blog at least 15 times a month get 5 times more traffic than companies that don’t blog
  • 70% of companies that blog 2 or 3 times a week have acquired customers through their blogs
  • Blogging is the most popular content marketing tactic, used by 73% of marketers
  • 59% of B2B marketers believe blogs are effective in achieving their business goals
  • 86% of B2B small business marketers think blogs are their most effective content marketing tactic
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