Friday, September 18, 2015

Evidence to the Contrary, Short is Sweet

Look and you'll find countless proofs of the advantages of long-form over short-form marketing content. 

For example:
  • Tests by Hubspot confirm the long-established fact that Google rewards blog posts 2,500 or more words in length.
  • Tests by Neil Patel prove posts of 1,500 or more words capture 68% more Tweets and 23% more Facebook likes than shorter ones.
  • Tests by Buzzsumo show Facebook posts linked to long blog posts receive 40% more interactions than Facebook posts linked to short blog posts.
But I'll stick to my guns on the matter.

Gobs of evidence to the contrary, short-form beats long-form, at least in the long haul.

As Don Peppers says, marketing content should be snackable.

"The more frictionless it is to digest your content, the more your customers are likely to rely on it," Peppers says.

A single lesson from history, I'd argue, proves my point:
  • In 1863, at the dedication ceremony for the national cemetery at Gettysburg, Secretary of State Edward Everett delivered a 13,607-word address to the crowd. 
You know the rest.

It's history.
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