Sunday, July 14, 2013

Clarity Trumps Persuasiveness

Does your value proposition get lost in a ton of puffery?

If so, you're turning off prospects.

Your value proposition, not the way it's stated, is the key to winning customers.

If you're "talking up" your product at the expense of clearly expressing its value, go back to the drawing board and simplify your copy.

In 2011, Dr. Flint McGlaughlin, Managing Director of Jacksonville Beach, FL-based MECLABS, tested two versions of a Web site.

Version A provided an exhaustive list of product benefits, describing each in glowing terms. It wrapped up with a call to action that asked prospects to link to another page with purchase directions.

Version Bhalf the length of Version Alisted only the product's most appealing benefits and leaped right into the purchase directions.

Version B, "by reducing the amount of information contained in the copy and clearly focusing on just the core aspects of value," according to McGlaughlin, enjoyed a response rate 200% greater than that of Version A.

"When it comes to crafting effective copy, clarity trumps persuasion," McGlaughlin says. "Get clear about your value proposition."
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