Sunday, June 30, 2013

In Media Res

Attention-grabbing copy leads with a bang; namely, the thing that matters most to your prospects.

Let prospects know from the first few words they read that you can help them reach their most important goal.

Don't start with throw-away statements, in the mistaken belief you need to warm them to you.

You may remember from school there's an ancient technique for literary narrative called in media res, dating way back to Homer's Iliad.

Latin for "in the middle of things," in media res plunges the audience into a crucial situation right at the start of a story.

The chain of events leading to the situation is never related; or is revealed only later in the narrative.

The technique works, because it involves the audience immediately.

Remember in media res when you begin your next email, Web page, ad, brochure, script or sales letter.
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