Sunday, May 5, 2013

To Sell More, Connect the Dots

How often do you receive, as I did this week, an unsolicited email like this?


Hope you are doing well.
I am following up with the email I sent you regarding IT Decision Makers.

I’m curious if you had a chance to read my previous email and take this initiative further.
Please send over your data requirement and the criteria of your target market to process quality, counts, samples and pricing.
Please note that the database can be customized in exact line with your need.
Thanks and I look forward to your reply.
Warm regards,
What's wrong with this email?
  1. The sender didn't distinguish his product from the hundreds of competing ones.
  2. The sender wants the reader to write down and send him specifications, but the instructions are vague and the task sounds daunting.

Want to sell more? Connect the dots for your prospect. 
  1. Your prospect needs to know how your product's different. Spell out the difference and help her visualize success by using it.

  2. Your prospect's busy. Make it easy for her to choose your product by leading her through the first step toward buying it.
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