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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Rule #1: Think before You Link

With 200 million subscribers and climbing, in mercenary hands LinkedIn can be a weapon of self-destruction.

We’ve all connected with people whose self-serving discharge leaves us hoping LinkedIn will introduce a “hate” button.

But one comment arrived in my inbox last week that should earn for its author the LinkedIn Lummox of the Year Award.

She attached her tone-deaf comment to a 100-day old post by the manager of an interest group I follow.

The manager’s post asked readers to remember a beloved colleague and group member who’d died, suddenly and prematurely, two weeks earlier.
The self-promoter's comment read:
Sorry for your loss. I help companies with their tradeshows and events. Give me your marketing list and I will turn it into $$. Call 800-523-4635.
Clearly she hasn’t learned LinkedIn Rule #1.


  1. And the connect requests with the standard copy...from people I don't know. Give me a good reason to connect with you...or is it your ego saying, "look at me. I have a gazillion connections?"

  2. Asking to connect without reason is like panhandling. But at least I can tell how down and out the panhandler is, based on the condition of his shoes.


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