Friday, March 15, 2013

Nonprofits and Noble Cause Corruption

Washington, DC (where I live and work) is the cradle of cause-related nonprofits.
The majority do great things, no doubt.
But I've also seen the dark side of a few of these organizations.
Some never pay their bills and don't think twice about stiffing honest, hard-working suppliers.
In fact, I've seen so many defaults by cause-related nonprofits, I won't take work from them.
Call it holier-than-thou zeal, if you want. 
I think the better term is noble cause corruption.
Noble cause corruption is a form of "police crime" in which cops break the law in pursuit of a goal they believe will benefit society at large.
A common example: fabricating evidence to ensure a conviction.
Noble cause corruption may serve society. 
But it can just as easily lead to the punishment of innocents.
Do you work for a cause-related non-profit? 
If so, have you checked your accounts payable lately?
With apologies to Eldridge Cleaver, if you're part of a solution, you may be part of a problem.
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