Thursday, March 7, 2013

It's All in the Name

Your product's name is arguably the most important aspect of its brand.

That's because names connote.

Apple once considered naming the iPhone the Mobi, according to adman Ken Segall.

My parents once considered naming me Adolph (after my mom's dad).

Be careful about the name you choose.

Brand Strategy Insider suggests there are ten possibilities for product names:

People’s names. Names that are both real and fictional. Examples include Bing and Peter Pan.

Real words. Words that have been re-purposed. Examples include Amazon and Vox.

Tweaked words. Names derived from words that have been altered. Examples include eBay and iTunes.

Affixed words. Unique names derived by adding a prefix or suffix to a real word. Examples include Friendster and Omnidrive.

Made-up words. Fabrications. Examples include Bebo and Plaxo.

Compounds. Names comprising two words. Examples include Facebook and LightScribe.

Blends. Names comprising real and partial or made-up words. Examples include Farmville and Wikipedia.

Phrases. Compounds that are phrase-like. Examples include GoToMeeting and StumbleUpon. 

Puns. Word-twists that suggest a double meaning. Examples include Farecast and Writely.

AcronymsNames derived from the official name. Examples include AOL and M&Ms.
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