Friday, March 1, 2013

Bringing Sexual Offenders to Justice Captures CINE

I'm honored to share a CINE Golden Eagle Award, won by the talented independent producer and writer Ann Ramsey, for the training video Bringing Sexual Offenders to Justice.

The video was produced last year for the International Association of Chiefs of Police.

Funding for the production was provided by the US Department of Justice.

"Beginning with a simple, three-act structure and a clear end in mind made writing the script easy," says Ann Ramsey. 

"Seeing the whole piece in my head allowed me to get the interviews needed to advance a complex story quickly."

I served as associate producera role far different from the ones I customarily perform for clients, but satisfying nonetheless.

As the video illustrates, well-run sexual assault investigations help assure that perpetrators are punished for their crimes.

Tens of thousands of police officers have learned from it how to run successful investigations.

Watch a brief clip from the video on the CINE Website.

Postscript: I'm also honored to announce that Copy Points is now a feature of Guy Kawasaki's online magazine rack, AlltopAll the cool kids (and me).
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