Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Want Followers? Go Native.

Inc. wants advertisers to go native.

So-called "native advertising" is marketing content that's camouflaged.

Inc. believes we'll hear a lot more about native advertising in the months to come.

A native ad looks and feels like 'the format, style, and voice of whatever platform it appears in," Inc. says. It blends into the landscape so well visitors see it as part of the platform.

As a result, a native ad is better readand responded tothan a display ad.

But native advertising isn't easy, Inc. warns.

You need a steady stream of platform-tailored content.

Fortunately, "The content in question does not have to be slick to be effective," Inc. notes.

Marketers should let go their obsession with eye-pleasing imagery and focus instead on boldness, the magazine says.
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