Thursday, December 13, 2012

More on Mobile-Friendly Websites

"Is your Website changing with the mobile revolution, or is it remaining stagnant?" asks online marketer Sarah Tharp, writing for Biznology.

An unfriendly site costs your business dearly, Tharp insists.
"I cannot begin to tell you the number of times I’ve attempted to access a Website online, and because of glaring functionality and usability issues, have gone back to the search results and given my business to a competitor site," Tharp writes.
What's fundamental to a mobile-friendly site?
  • Fast page-loading
  • Navigation with tabs to information most needed by mobile users
  • Pages that require little or no scrolling
  • Large buttons that can be easily pressed
  • An easily accessible search bar
  • A phone number with a “click to call” option
  • An address that can be clicked to automatically present directions
At a minimum, every business should know how its Website appears on mobile devices and how mobile users are experiencing it, Tharp says.
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