Sunday, December 16, 2012

Going Broke? Maybe Your Website's Broken.

Research firm Forrester asked 5,200 customers what they do when a Website fails them.

According to the study, Websites That Don’t Support Customers Waste Millions, they:
  • Pick up the phone. 35% call when your Website lets them down.
  • Take their business elsewhere. 17% move to a competitor. 
  • Give up. 17% abandon their purchase.
Forrester also gauged the cost of broken Websites and concluded:
  • Large e-retailers are losing $47 million in direct income every year.
  • Large e-retailers are adding $47 million to their cost of sales every year.
For 14 years, Forrester has been evaluating B2C and B2B Websites. 

It estimates that only 3% aren't broken.

To learn if yours is broken, Forrester recommends you ask. "The only way to know whether a site visit was a success is to ask the customers," the report states. 

Ask visitors three simple questions:
  • What did you come to the site to do today?
  • Were you able to accomplish that goal?
  • If not, why not?
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