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Sunday, November 25, 2012

5 Steps to Mobile-friendly Emails

Customers are most likely to read your emails on smartphones and tablets, according to research by Return Path.

Follow these five steps to make your emails mobile-friendly:

1. Use a one-column layout. Vertical scrolling is more natural to mobile users.

2. Use larger fonts, bigger buttons and high-contrast colors. Make it easy for readers to differentiate your email's elements.

3. Include a link in the pre-header. The link should take readers to text-only orbettermobile-optimized version of your email (essential if you want to influence Blackberry users).

4. Keep emails short. Edit ruthlessley and use attention-grabbing calls to action. Your emails will be read during brief intervals of downtime.

5. Link readers only to mobile-friendly Web pages. It's futile to send readers to a Web page that can only be read on a desktop.


  1. Bob, I thank you deeply for capsulizing how to make better mobile-enabled emails. This will certainly become part of my checklist I will read before pushing the Send Button on my Email Campaigns.

  2. So many business-to-business marketing professionals, especially entrepreneurs, shy away from the use of email as a significant marketing tool. I remember hearing that thought from a past Chairman of the Business Marketing Association at the recent Red Diamond Congress for E2MA. He said "I see all email marketing as spam." Yet, I see the way out of the "spam trap" through your advice and some of the tools that Mike and I use. One category of tools is called Marketing Automation, which finds and nurtures leads. Fortune 500 and Inc. 5000 companies have been using these tools for years, but their lower cost fits into budgets for small and mid-sized businesses and non-profits. I wonder if you or your readers use Marketing Automation or other Lead Nurturing tools in their emails.

  3. My all-time most popular post is "How to Get More from Marketing Automation" (May 2011).


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