Friday, October 26, 2012

A Plea for Civility

Just when you were ready to throw culture to the dogs, Copybloggers' Sonia Simone issues The Civility Manifesto.

"If you write and publish regularly on the Web, you’re an influencer—whether you have 100 readers or a million," she writes. "And I’d like to call on all of us to work together and return some civility to the Web."

Without a greater measure of civility on influencers' part, Simone predicts that "
anonymous creeps and soulless bullies" will soon rule the Web.

She asks influencers to rally behind five principles:
  1. Recognize diversity as our strength (respect different people and views)
  2. Stop using the language of trolls (avoid abusive words and phrases)
  3. Stop giving attention to anonymous trolls (ignore them, block them, report them)
  4. Look for connection (empathize with people you disagree with) 
  5. Be real (stay honest, but "respect your own dignity and that of your fellow human beings")
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