Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Secret to Better Blogging

Many social media experts insist that you cannot succeed at blogging without a content plan.

They argue that, without one, you'll procrastinate... or you'll fizzle out.... or you'll stray from your goals, producing off-target posts that fail to earn you followers.

I'm not so sure they're right.

Sure and steady outputeven without a plan to back it upmay be just the thing for you.

In fact, a content plan may be the last thing in the world you need.

If planning your blog's content seems foreign, you might be the kind of writer economist David Galenson calls a "seeker."

Seekers, Galenson says, share "persistent uncertainty about their methods and goals."

And that uncertainty leads them to be dissatisfied with their output.

"Their dissatisfaction impels them to experiment, and their uncertainty means that they change their work by trial and error, moving tentatively toward their imperfectly perceived objectives."

One example of such a writer is the novelist Virginia Woolf.

Describing her production of M
rs. Dalloway, Woolf wrote, "the idea started as the oyster starts or the snail to secrete a house for itself. And this it did without any conscious direction. The little note book in which an attempt was made to forecast a plan was soon abandoned, and the book grew day by day, week by week, without any plan at all, except that which was dictated each morning in the act of writing."

How about you?

Are you a planner?

Or a seeker?
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