Friday, April 6, 2012

How to Write a Blog Post that Will Attract 10,000 Followers

During a recent conference, a social media expert told me, "Writing super-sticky blog posts is so easy, a chimp could do it."
So I sought out accomplished blogger and social media maven Joe Young and asked him to share his secrets.
Here's what he said in answer to my question, "How do you write a blog post that will attract 10,000 followers?"
BOB: Joe, first off, how do you get started?
JOE: Never begin with an idea or point of view. Those things are for sissies. If you want to write a blog post that ranks well and draws visitors to your site, start by using Google's keyword tool to find "Low Competition" keywords. Once you find enough of them, string the keywords together in sentences. Of course, I'm exaggerating when I say "sentences," because sentences typically have a point.
BOB: What's the next step?
JOE: Now that you have all the keywords stuffed into "sentences," you need to chop your achievement into bite-size pieces, so visitors don't choke. That's where section headers come in handy. The more, the better.
BOB: Any finishing touches you recommend?
JOE: After you have compiled your content, sliced and diced it, and added headers, be sure to go back and insert a lot of obvious grammatical mistakes and punctuation errors. You don't want visitors to think you're a snob. Gotta be authentic.
BOB: I understand graphics are important, too.

 Absolutely! Most people are now using mobile apps to read blog posts. An image will lure them in. Videos work well, too. But a word of warning about them. If you use videos in your blog, be careful to keep them super-low quality. Followers hate "slick." Again, gotta be authentic.   
BOB: Is there anything else to writing a blog post that attracts 10,000 followers?
JOE: Nope.
BOB: Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle.
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