Saturday, March 17, 2012

Why NFC is the Next Big Thing

Get set for yet another marketing revolution.

NFC will change the way customers discover your content.

NFC (the acronym for "Near Field Communication") is a form of short-range wireless that bridges the gap between the real and virtual worlds.

The technology allows anyone with an NFC-ready mobile phone or tablet to access your content by touching the device to a comparable oneor to a "smart poster."

Thanks to the manufacturers, nearly one-third of new phones are NFC-ready right now. Three years hence, all will be.

With NFC, customers will be able to touch your sales reps' and ambassadors' phones and instantly download anything you now deliver on line. Videos. PowerPoint slides. Spec sheets. White papers. Price lists. Discount coupons. You name it.

Sales rep not around? No worries. Customers can do the same thing by touching one of your smart posters.

But wait, there's more.  

Provided the nearest cash register is NFC-ready, your customers will be able to pay for your products with a touch of their phones.

The marketing revolution NFC will usher in isn't pie in the sky.

It's underway as we speak.

That's the reason CNN has labeled 2012 "the year of NFC."

Take time today to get smart about NFC, if you want to stay ahead.

Disclaimer: I'm the marketing director for ITN International, which provides NFC apps and solutions to event producers worldwide.
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