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Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Tagline is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Because they have to work in many ways, good taglines are hard to write, says Branding Strategy Insider.

But a tagline is a terrible thing to waste.

A tagline must not only convey your brand's unique value, but must do so credibly, memorably and tersely, Insider says.

The most common mistakes marketers make with taglines are:
  • Claiming something trite (for example, "excellence")
  • Saying something catchy, but without meaning
  • Communicating only the brand's product category
  • Touting a benefit any brand in the category must deliver
  • Making promises indistinguishable from competitors'
  • Using too many words
Insider cites these examples of crummy taglines:

We’re glad you’re here (City of Chicago)
We get you there (
Delta Airlines)
A good place to sit and eat (

And some good ones?  Insider cites:

Don’t leave home without it
American Express)
A diamond is forever
A mind is a terrible thing to waste (
United Negro College Fund)

What's your favorite tagline?


  1. Wow. I thought I was self-denigrating until I read Peoria's tag line. The city doesn't think much of itself, does it? And what marketing genius came up with this?

  2. Perhaps the same mind behind the tagline for American Dairy Association: Behold the power of cheese.


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