Friday, February 17, 2012

What Opportunities are You Missing?

Blogger Joyce McKee, whose Let's Talk Trade Shows is one of my favorite reads, contributed the following post.  Thanks, Joyce!

It seems we are so caught up in our routines that there may be great opportunities presented to us, and we just do not see them. 

Last week I watched this video in amazement.  It is about the age-old topic, money does not grow on trees.

How often as a child did you hear that statement when you wanted something and your parents did not have the cash to buy it and used that as an excuse?   I know I was told that many a time.
The video is created and filmed in Chicago in the summer of 2010. 

The majority of the people walking by this tree with money on it never saw it!  They did not look up or around as they walked by the tree.  Would you have noticed the money on the tree?

Just for today, start the process of observing.  With a sense of expectation, what will you see or hear?  Where is that great opportunity lurking?  Do you need to pick up the phone and call someone?  Or send a letter, email or card to someone?  Should you invite someone to join you for lunch or dinner?
Opportunities, with money associated with them, are all around you. 

Are you ready to harvest them? 

I know I am.
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