Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Are You a Flake?

In his blog, Seth Godin asks, "How do they know you're not a flake?"

A "deluge of noise" in the market has made every prospect distrusting, Godin says.  So when you pitch an idea, the prospect automatically asks:
  • Who recommends this guy?
  • What will my boss think?
  • Where does he work?
  • When I visit his Website, is it flaky?
"Notice that all of these questions get asked before the idea is even analyzed," Godin writes.  That's because, "not all good ideas are pre-proven, sophisticated and from reliable sources."

In my view, there are four other questions a prospect asks during the first contact:
  • Does this guy speak my language?
  • Does he only use jargon and superlatives?
  • Does he like scare tactics?
  • Does he blather?
Word derivations say a lot. The English word trust comes from the German Trost, which means "comfort."

Do you make prospects comfortable?  

Or are you a flake?
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