Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Nice Guys Finish Last

In consumer media, bad guys always trump nice ones.

They have to. Otherwise, we'd turn away out of boredom.

What audience would sit through Macbeth, after all, if the Scottish king only did charity work?

If you tuned into the media last week, you heard the hoopla about Verizon's plan to charge wireless subscribers a $2 fee every time they paid their bills on line or by phone.

Those greedy, slimy sons of a gun.

The news you might have missed: late in the week, Verizon dropped its plan, after 95,000 consumers signed a complaint.

The announcement was posted quietly on Friday on the company's Website. I'm certain Verizon wants the story, just as quietly, to go away.

But it won't, for a while at least.

Customers have long memories. 

Verizon, the nation's largest wireless carrier, has more than 90 million subscribers.

If you took a poll today, I'd bet 90 million of them know the company just announced a plan to charge the $2 fee; but only 9 million know Verizon dropped that plan 48 hours after the announcement.
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