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Friday, October 28, 2011

Tom Edison, Asshole

The strong reviews of the new "exclusive" biography of Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson have spurred me to buy a copy.

In reading themas well as the hundreds of other tributes and op-eds that have appeared since Jobs' recent demiseI'm struck by the countless times he's been called an "asshole."

Jobs applied the label to himself, so maybe there's cause.

But I'm troubled by the fact that so many people are willing to go "on the record" this way.

Did critics of Thomas Edison so readily toss around the same harsh language in his day?


  1. The California Department of Motor Vehicles might thing as much knowing he changed cars every six months to avoid getting a license plate. But unless you knew him personally, I don't think you'd want to make that blanket assessment. Did the people making the ass essment know Mr. Jobs?

  2. Perhaps it's just an example of sloppy thinking, sloppy language, sloppy use of time. Instead of trying to find words to express how a demanding personality can over reach in the quest for getting it "right." And a quality of valuing the goal over a more inclusive process of getting everyone there "together." But in our culture, we tend to value the individual and "results" more than being mindful of how we interact with others along the way. Hard to imagine a Steve Jobs thriving in Japan, where working within the group is the cultural norm

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