Sunday, June 12, 2011

Just Conversing Won't Convert

On B2C, Web marketer Chad Pollitt busts a Twitter myth in "The Uncomfortable Truth about Social Media Marketing."

Twitter is no "magic pill” and "will probably fizzle out over time" unless integrated into more robust social media marketing efforts, Pollitt writes.

That's because, at its core, Twitter is just another way to push out content.

And as marketers know, success isn't bred by pushing out content.

Success is bred by creating excitement.

Excitement, and only excitement, "determines whether or not someone converts or is compelled to take action," Pollitt says.

Do your Tweets solve customers' problems? Do they entertain customers? Or do they just try to promote online conversations?

If the latter, they won't help you. They're just not exciting enough.

To excite customers, your social media program needs to deliver useful, entertaining and original content through blog posts, video, audio, photos, graphics, white papers, e-books, guides, case studies and Webinars.

"High quality content," Pollitt says, "provides the best chance to capture leads, gain new customers, and grow revenue."

To assure that your content converts leads, you need to supplement it with other Web platforms, including your Website, blog and landing pages.
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