Sunday, May 1, 2011

Approximating Authenticity

The term "authenticity" is a social media shibboleth.

After all, consistent promise-keeping is the real rule of the authentic organization (think Amazon).

But we can at least be approachable in our social media exchanges, according to online community consultant Richard Millington.

In his recent blog post "Interact With Your Community Like a Human Being," Millington sets out his codes of conduct:
  • Write in the first person.  Phrase questions as personal ones. "Has anyone had experience with ....?"
  • Engage first, tell second. Lead with a question, not content.  Only if others reply should you respond with information.
  • Begin with a story. Why are you asking for others' opinions? What's your opinion?
  • Speak with emotion.  "Don't default to a customer-service tone for engaging members of your community," Millington advices.
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